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Visual Basic (VS) is the product of many years of evolution of the Basic programming language. After the appearance of the Windows system, Microsoft developed a graphical version of the Basic language. In fact, this language was intended for generating programs that work in dialog mode with the user, that is, in visual mode. In this regard, the language was called Visual Basic.

General Characteristics of the Visual Basic Programming Language

With the development of computer technologies, Visual Basic gradually turned into a powerful tool for developing applied software applications. The word Basic in the title indicates only that the program syntax and operators are based on the high-level language Basic (a general purpose symbolic programming language for novices). But, at the same time, Visual Basic differs markedly from the usual Basic language. The technology of using the Visual Basic environment is based on the ideas of object-oriented and visual programming:

  1. Object-oriented programming involves combining data and their processing procedures into objects. It simplifies the creation and transformation of complex data structures and actions. In other words, the Visual Basic environment is an automated graphical shell over the object-oriented version of the Basic language;
  2. Visual programming language means that the interaction with the programming system when compiling and debugging the program is carried out by dialog means of the graphical user interface.

Difficulties Mastering Visual Basic

Many students learn VB because it is quite common today. The main tasks of studying programming in the Visual Basic language are forming an idea about the meaning, possibilities, and prospects of modern information technologies and the opportunity to develop the skills of confident mastery of modern software for solving typical scientific and technical problems. Despite the importance of Visual Basic, its mastery causes a number of difficulties. Most of them are related to the completion of practical assignments, during which the student must demonstrate the ability to:

Apply knowledge of the basic forms and laws of abstract and logical thinking, the basics of the methodology of scientific knowledge, forms and methods of analysis, processing, and synthesis of information in the subject area of computer science;

Use modern mathematical apparatus of discrete and continuous analysis, analytical geometry, and linear algebra to solve problems of a theoretical and applied nature;

Develop software models of subject environments, choose a programming paradigm from the standpoint of convenience and quality of application for the implementation of methods and algorithms for solving computer science tasks;

Apply methods and algorithms of computational intelligence and intelligent data analysis in tasks of classification, forecasting, and cluster analysis;

Apply methods of developing programs that interact with components of computer systems, etc.

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