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The scheme is one of the well-known dialects of Lisp. A distinctive feature of all languages that can be attributed to the Lisp family is that all data and code in the program are represented in the form of so-called s-expression. S-expression is a way of writing nested lists of data. Such a list is enclosed in parentheses “(),” and if it contains the identifier of a function or operator with parameters, then the identifier of that function/operator will come first in the list, followed by its arguments. For example, the addition of two numbers, written in the form of an s-expression, will look like this: (+ 1 2).

A characteristic feature of the Scheme is strict dynamic typing. That is, the types of values used by the program are determined at the execution stage, and there are certain clear restrictions on reducing one type to another. The scheme is primarily a functional language but also supports an imperative programming paradigm.

The Scheme standards are written in the official IEEE standard and de facto in the RnRS (“Revised n Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme”) standard. The most widely known is the 1998 R5RS standard. The main difference between Scheme and other Lisp dialects is its minimalism. The scheme contains a minimum of primitive constructs and allows expressing almost everything.

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